yoga for everyone

Namaste, all.

Lotus Yoga is a website that has been created by a yoga lover. The intensions of this site have been transforming just like ourselves. It started as a business purpose to tell everyone that Lotus Yoga exists, and offers classes, retreats, and workshops and such. However, as time goes by and as I become a more experienced yoga teacher, I realized that I have so much passion for yoga. Yoga absolutely helps me to connect with my inner self and simply makes me happy by sharing my knowledge.

There are so many ways to reach our goals in our life. But to get there, surely we need a healthy body and healthy mind. Yoga works to promote both of the essentials.

So why not use this metaphysical space for our better beings? Why don’t I share what I know for some one who might need it? I simply and gladly want to see how this passion will take off.

Use all the contents here for yourself, share your thoughts if you wish, and let us see how yoga connects us from here!

I am thrilled and joyful that I could be a part of this world!


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